E-Waste Junkyard Questions

The E-Waste Junkyard is a marketplace for buying and selling broken electronics. With each sale, we are all helping Erase E-Waste.

Yes. You can sell anything broken in the E-Waste Junkyard. Use the Everything Else category when offering your item for sale.

Everything in the E-Waste Junkyard is not working or broken. Sellers can offer return policies, but they are not required.

Yes. Listing your items is always free. We do have a 5% final value fee for all sales. Plus, Paypal charges a standard 2.9% payment transaction fee. 

Paypal Questions

Yes. All electronic payments will require an upgraded or business Paypal account. This service is free and includes a debit card for accessing your cash immediately.

Paypal asks for your personal and bank account information. Both for receiving payments and verifying yourself.

Yes. You can ship items via the Post Office or UPS directly from your Paypal account. We recommend using this option as it’s an excellent way to let your buyer know their purchase is on its way.

Paypal is the world leader in online electronic payments. They offer payment and fraud protection that is unmatched in the industry. By using Paypal, you know you’re doing business with other trustworthy people.

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